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I have to get to work so I'll make this brief.

Basically, about 3 or 4 months ago, we moved in some tenants and they've been complaining about this or that pretty frequently concerning the house. From minor cosmetic things to things that actually affect comfortability (but not liveability) of the house. The house is old but has been recently renovated. New paint, carpet, AC unit, ect ect

They have complained about the stove being broken, one time more recently (said the element "snapped in half"). They have torn the doorknob off the door and complained about that (doorknob was new, this isnt wear and tear it is damage). One toilet in the house would flush continuously and she didn't think it was worth reporting until much later; turns out this was likely driving up her water and sewage bill, which she later complained to me was too high and that it "wasnt fair" that they had to pay all that money. 5 people live in the house and the house is fairly large. Some of their complaints were legitimate, but it's starting to get ridiculous. I dont think there's been a month where I haven't gotten 2-3 complaints.

This morning she has complained about the AC not working. The BRAND new AC that we just put in in June or July. Saying that the heat isn't working, this conveniently around the time winter is supposed to roll in.

I and several of my relatives, older and more experienced landlords, think that she is maybe potentially sabotaging all these things just to get the rent lowered or to get out of the rent altogether. Is is very annoying not to mention costing me a whole bunch of money. The house was fine when I lived in it, but suddenly all these problems pop up as soon as I leave. Very suspicious to me, but what do you all think?

Should I throw her out? People are telling me I should.

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Do you mean evict her? She would have had to have violated the lease, otherwise you have to wait until it renews and simply not renew it. 

It's hard to say what to do without more detail. Maybe they are just picky and it's all legitimate, just not stuff that 95% of people would actually worry about. Maybe it's all sabotage.

Are you lowering the rent for anything ever? You shouldn't. If you ever do that, they will find every reason to complain with the expectation that you will do it again.

Are you running over there every time you get a complaint? Don't. Let it all accumulate and head over once per month on a routine and ignore everything between those visits (unless it is a habitability issue). 

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Nope, we haven't lowered anything, but we suspect that might be the goal.

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How long is the lease.  If she is halfway through, just keep it on and collect rent and let her know you will not renew the lease.

If less than halfway thru, I would call it like it is - intentional or accidental damage beyond normal wear, and have her pay for the repair. 

Depending on how your lease is written.  You can say there are damages beyond fair wear and tear that need to be fixed.  If they are not resolved at her expense, that is a violation of the lease and you can evict (depends on what local laws are).  If she refuses to pay for the repair, you can leave it and take it out of her security deposit when she leaves at the end of the term.


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Agree with BillHoo.  Sounds like a mix of normal and not normal wear and tear. 

Pick your battles on this one would be my overall advice.  Document the damage and let her know what you expect her to pay for.  If she refuses it will come out of her SD at the end. 

It also sounds like she will give you a hard time once you let her know you will not renew so time that carefully.  You want to leave enough time to comply with the lease and to start getting it ready to show but not too much time that she starts damaging everything out of spite.  

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I also notice that many times demanding tenants are also those that turn into deadbeats.

My guess is they walk in complaining to get you on the psychological defense where you are trying to please them.  Then, when they start getting behind in the rent, it takes to you a while to say "Wait a second!...."

I try to stand my ground on things:
- The dishwasher is old?  You did the walk-thru and it was satisfactory when you came signed the lease.
- You want new energy efficient light fixtures?  According to the leased you may change the fixtures with MY permission, at your cost and they must remain as MY property when you move.
- You want me to renovate the closet spaces with the promise that it improves the property value?  Yes.  It will.  My neighbor did it and rents at $200 more now.  Consider that I will also raise your rent with such an upgrade by $200 or more.

That tenant started falling behind in the rent and when I gave her the 5 day letter, she suddenly became less vocal.  Took her a year to pay me back every dime before I told her I no longer wanted to do business with her and did not extend the lease.  

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