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I live in a small town and have a few rental properties here. Every time I remodel a property the city inspector gave me a hard time. And now it's getting worse. He stopped my work and asked me must have licensed plumber and hvac contractor to pull permit, before he will release the electric hold-on. We already followed all his orders like pulling a building permit, install big ugly egress windows (which none of the houses on the street has). I also pulled the plumbing permit and mechanic permit as home owner but he said the office girl gave them to me wrongly and asked me to cancel. 
It's really depressing. It's a simple remodeling work and they have been holding me for months. There is only one electric inspector in this little city, and of course his supervisor is on his side.  Any suggestions? I feel horrible like a little shrimp trying to fight a shark. It's the same feeling as last time I tried so hard to not lose my job but found everything against me.


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I would find out what the state law is.  Here in Minnesota, unless I live in the house, I can't pull a permit for anything.  I have to have a licensed contractor do all the work and pull the permit.  That is the state building code.  Sounds to me like that is what you have going on here.  I got my state building license for this reason.  It costs me about $500.00 a year for the license and the couple of classes I have to take each year to stay compliant, but it has saved me thousands not having to hire general contractors.  I can't do plumbing or electrical, because I don't have those licenses, but everything else I can do. 

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Thank you. This is what i am doing too. I still have to look for licensed plumbers and hvac contractors to work with, even though I can do all those job myself. The way I don't like is how the bureaucrats treat little landlord. They cannot do nothing to big landlords who wouldn't spend on anything except absolutely necessary and they spend a lot of taxpayer's money to fight them, and of course not successful because the big ones know all the tricks, but on the other hand they always give hard time to people who are willing to spend money to make this city look better. Since I'm targeted I cannot do even small remodeling. And, the targets are selective, and always there are exceptions if you point out to them somebody didn't do as they required. There's no way for us to monitor their job.
I probably have to quit this and look for other way to make a living, such as try to qualify for sec8.

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I see no reason why the owner of a house has to hire a licensed contractor  If an owner buys the permit and  has the work inspected and passed The law is  a way to limit  competition from "do it yourselfers " Just like the guilds of the middle ages. In modern times   such laws  empower bully bureaucrats   with police mentalities
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