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I have a tenant that needs to keep a friends small dog for three months she says the dog would be crated.  The lease states no pets but I might work with her on this as a temporary situation.  Charge her a $300 nonrefundable pet fee and an extra $100 per moth rent May - July with the stipulation that the pet must be gone by July 31st.  The catch, I live almost 3 hours away so really can't monitor what is going on.  Any suggestions?

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If you are in a good relationships with your tenant, I advise you to charge a pet deposit rather than fee. I’m sure your tenant will appreciate it. If you charge a refundable pet deposit, you need to return it if there’s no pet damage.
But, if you are still inclined to ask for pet fee, check out your state law, cause it might also dictate how much you can charge.


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Seems like a fair deal to me. You can consider getting a deposit rather than fee and if the pet doesn’t cause much damage to the property, you may refund the deposited fee. 
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