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A tenant that moved in 11/06 and signed a 1 year lease, just packed up and moved out one night in July. She did not call, give any notice, nor did she return the keys. She left the house is need of much repair...holes in walls, it needs to be repainted, it is a total mess. Since she left the way she did, I have no way of contacting her regarding the damages and the matter of the broken lease. I would like to take her to court but again need her address. I do have her SSN. Can you suggest some method of tracking her down? Thanks


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VA has a statute on abandonment, see VA Code Ann. 55-248.38:1 to 55-248.38:2 .  See if you can use this to take back posession of the unit and remove her belongings.  If not, almost all states have a way to evict a tenant without knowing where they are.  Contact the local court and see if the notice can be posted to the door, mailed to the unit, or published in the paper rather than being delivered to the person.  Evict the tenant and schedule a set out with the local court/sheriff.  They will come and remove all her belongings so you can re-rent the unit.  Make sure you still prepare the final itemized statement of the deposit and mail it to her last known address.  When it comes back to you, file it unopended in her file in case it latercomes up in court. 

As for finding the ex-tenant so you can sue in small claims for the damages, you need to find her to have her served.  Try pulling a new credit report on her in a few weeks.  Try her job, they may know where she is.  Call all of the contacts on her application.  Try local utility companies (I've had success in bluffing with these.  "Did she leave you her final address at 123 Main Street?"  "No she told us she moved to 456 First Street!")  Try looking on every few weeks, a new address may pop up.  Call the moving company (didn't she forget a few things that you would like to forward to her?).  Local clubs where she is a member, her friends, where she is licensed through (like a professional organization), and don't forget to try sending mail to her at the old address and marking it "Forwarding Address Service Requested" (I believe those are the words - call the post office).  They will send you the forwarding address she is sending all her mail to if she did one. Sometimes you have to be a little dishonest to figure it out.  (Like the moving company, or utility company.  Aren't you working on a high school reunion committee?  An old BF trying to track her down?)  But heck, if they owe you money...  Your last resort would be a skip/trace company.  But lots of those will just take your money and do nothing to find them.  Good luck.

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Put them in The Rent Rite Directory's FREE Incident Reporting Database. Commercial and Residential property owners, managers and landlords upload lease violations from current tenants and search database before leasing to new tenants.

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The Rent Rite Directory offers a free Rental History database to Property Managers and Owners that allows members to input as well as search evictions (before they hit public record), tenants who skip out on rent/collections, proxy renters (those who rent on behalf of unauthorized tenants ie: drug dealers, sex offenders, convicted felons), those who commit lease violations, property damage, and on-property crime. Please help share information with other Real Estate Professionals. 


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Abandonment is when a tenant leaves the property without notifying the landlord or agent before the tenancy has ended .


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That is going to be difficult ,to be honest this is the first time that i heard this kind of case cause even i am an real estate agent at i also encounter being a tenant and i strictly follow the rules cause i don't wanna be in this kind of situation.Well good luck on looking for her.

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Hey Thanks a lot for the information.
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