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I had a commercial tenant, that was having problems this last year and wanted to renegotiate lease through his attorney.  We said no.  Tenant pays rent on time, no problems, until this Month of February 2011.  The tenant is gone.  Took their stuff and left 2 more years on their lease.

Should I send to their last address a notice of abandonment?  Also should I send notice to their last attorney known?

What else can I do?

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Do all of the above.  Plus contact the city department that licenses the tenant's business.  See if they have a new address on file for them.  Send info to that address.   Once you find them, file a suit against them and the business for money owed.


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Put them in The Rent Rite Directory's FREE Incident Reporting Database. Commercial and Residential property owners, managers and landlords upload lease violations from current tenants and search database before leasing to new tenants.

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