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Would like some advice.  I signed  a lease with a tenant and arranged a move in date.  I did not demand any money till they moved in.  I agreed to replace floors in kitchen and front room, but not bedrooms.
The tenant called back and demanded that I replace all carpet, or they would not move in. 
I believe that this is illegally breaking the lease and I should have some action against them if I choose to pursue it.  Any thoughts?

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You should always get a deposit to secure the agreement that you sign.  You agreed to replace certain floors, did you do this in writing?  Does it specify which floors?  If so, the tenant does not have any right to demand changes.  He agreed in writing to take the unit with the improvements you agreed to make.  He can't demand other improvements after the fact.  The time for negotiations on these improvements is before he signs, not after.  If all is in writing, he can't refuse to follow through on the agreement now.  Although you probably can't force him to move in, you should be able to charge him for the rent until you get the unit rented again.  He cannot fail to execute an agreement he signed for these reasons.

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