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Recently ended lease of home and withheld deposit for several itemsincluding cleaning of hous and partial carpet as well as broken knob on stove.  We used amanagement firm to collect rent etc but have since sold the house

During selling process we had documented feedback that house was dirty and cluttered...basically not what I would call show able condition....which is clearlyseated in the lease

A few questions

Do I have any recourse over the show able condition to challengtherein depositclaims I believe the condition extended theselling period.

We did not with hold deposit for for it worth pushing back? Wee are talking about 700.00.  They have made the claim through a demand letter. 

Other items include lost keys to all but one door, not paying sewer bill, broken glider on swing set, installing alarm system without permission. Moving landscaping and hard scape.

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unfortunately I just went through with similar case.  actually 2 of my tenants move out with damage cause by water damage to bathtub surrounding, the lost their keys & cost to replace the other tenant had water overflow laundry tub drip down to dining room ceiling below damage ceiling cost to fix.  when they move out I deduct the cost and return what is remaining.  they took me to small claim court in Ramsey county MN and guess what the law protects tenants & they won so now I have to return their secure deposit & court fee even though the damage done by them.  Don't know what state & what city or county your property is in but if it is in Ramsey county MN likely if they take you to court they will win which will cost you more money, time lost for a lost cause b/c the law is written so screwy that it protects them.  it makes no sense but it does if they live in their parents' home or they purchase their own home & these things happen they would have to pay out of their own pockets to fix or repair otherwise their property goes to ruin but landlord are expected by law to fix the damage but cannot recover cost.  Not sure how these laws passed but apparently because their are more renters than landlord I guess thus these ridiculous laws get passed.  I would recommend talk to other landlords in your area and get idea of what their experience has been in cases before you withheld their secure deposit.  my learning lesson is screen your tenants well in future go to your city or state court website & screen their names if they have file any law suits if they have during their application process maybe it maybe legal to ask them provide proof of what the cases is regarding & make decision whether you want to rent to them or not if they have history of suing landlords in the past.

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if you do not own the house any more, you have no standing to sue.
if you own it   SUE

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If you hate money and want to stay away from as much of it as possible.. then sue... You are talking about potential of 700.00.. If your time isn't worth more then that, then I would get more properties:/
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