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Hi All,

This will be my first attempt at running a tenant check for one of our rental properties.  We are individuals and not a company that has a couple of houses for rent.  I thought I was going to use but after registering with that website there was a video explaining all that I had to do being a landlord and everything was fine until they wanted to send someone out to my house to take pictures of my home office . . . I don't have time nor feel comfortable to do that. 

Does anyone know of any companies off hand that do not require the step for a representative to come out to my house?  I would like to run these checks today; a credit, eviction and criminal background check?

Thank you.

UPDATE:  found out that it seems that if you want a "full-blown" credit report it is hard to get around a site inspection, bus lic requirement, etc.  But some companies offer what they call a credit "report card" that is a summary of credit info and does not require a site inspection, it usually includes

  • Credit Grade based on their FICO Credit Score
  • Payment Delinquency Rate
  • Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments
  • Collection Account Indicator
  • SSN Validation
  • Previous Address Information
That was found out at  If anyone has any others to share please let me know, thank you.

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Hi there,

VerticalRent ( offers full blown credit reports to landlords WITHOUT an onsite inspection. You can sign up for free at

Basically, you invite a tenant to fill out a rental application. They attach their Experian-generated credit report and share it with you. It doesn't require an onsite inspection, which is great. And there is no-cost to the landlord. You can even request that the tenant pays for the criminal and eviction report as well, which you'll get on them. 


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Hey there, I am the founder of Tenantify. We have a simple service to verify tenant's employment and income. All you need to do is to send a request online and wait for the verification result within 1 business day. We will do the heavy-lifting behind the scene. 

Our mission is to empower landlords to make informed decisions by verifying tenant's employment and income. Please notice that Tenantify is different from a traditional tenant screening service, as we focus on tenant's current financial situation and assess tenant's ability to make monthly rent payment. 
Check us out at Free for landlord and tenant pays $10-15 depending on verification type.

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*Full Disclosure: I own a tenant screening company*

Hi Tangerine3, my name is Eric and I own a tenant screening company at, our service allows you to get all your reports (FICO, criminal, eviction history etc) without the need for anyone coming to your house to take pictures or anything. It's free to use for you as the applicant pays the fees and it's all digital so it takes like 5 minutes to get set up. Just thought I would throw that out there because I see this with a lot of other screening companies who havn't been in the game for that long and it really turns a lot of people off to have to have people come photograph their office etc.

Eric Liu

Digital tenant screening, free for landlords or property managers.

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Does rentapplication have county level criminal checks, or just a "Nationwide criminal background check"?
A criminal check without county information is not worth anything.


Landlording for maximum profitability and Financial Independence


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Some companies require the inspection for security reasons. Anyone with access to a rental application has the renter’s Social Security number, and other personally identifiable information. As the landlord, you are technically responsible for the security of that information. It’s a burden, and potential liability, and one you don’t have to bear.

We also provide tenant screening reports to landlords without needing an onsite inspection. TurboTenant's tenant screening process begins with an online application, where the tenant enters their information. Through this method, the tenant is able to safeguard their SSN.

Once the application is received, a landlord can request a screening report, powered by TransUnion. We offer two options for screening reports. One includes credit and criminal background check and the second includes a credit, criminal background, and  eviction check. Both are free for the landlord and the tenant pays an application fee. You can find out more at

Good luck!


Sarnen Steinbarth
Founder / CEO

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