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i am new to this forum and need advice. 
i rented through HOUSING in my area to a woman and her two children. no, i didn't do a background check because she was recommended by housing and because i knew her boyfriend, who was a nice guy. she lived in my house for 5 years while i rented elsewhere so that my daughter could get through school.
i moved back into the house this fall and gave her 90 days notice (even though the lease called for me to give her 30 days) 
housing always payed her rent on time and she would pay her portion, so i never knew there was a "problem". 
there was an exit inspection and though she left the house filthy and full of her belongings, housing doesn't care about that. so she passed.
it was AFTER i moved in that i started cleaning, noticing items missing.
and uncovering damage.
i would say there is at least $10,000.00 damage to my house. and i've already spent her security deposit, my security deposit (from where i had been renting) and more.
1) there is a long list of personal property missing. including a lown mower, twin bed, vacuum, every dish, cookware and small appliance i owned, etc. 2) the carpeting is ruined - after i already paid $500 to have them cleaned - they smell like cat urine. i also need to have the wood floors sanded and refinished as she left a huge circle of damage on the floor. 
3) i discovered her NEW boyfriend was living here - i am still getting his mail. and i know that is fraud. 4) we found yard sale signs in the basement and some of my personal stuff ticketed for sale so i know she sold some or all of my things at a yard sale.
i can't sue for damages and she is "section 8" - gets government funding - is somehow "disabled"? although i don't see that. she doesn't work. her grown children do not work. 
they were all living here off state money and off of me.
i know they have rented a storage unit - probably full of MY belongings! but i don't know if i have any recourse.
i can't afford the repairs. i am now broke though i have a job.
everyday i have moments of trying to cope when i need to use something, a tool or something and find i don't have that or find something else that is damaged beyond repair.
does anyone have experience with this kind of situation? i can't afford a lawyer. i am wondering if my homeowners insurance would pay for some of this?


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no - your HO insurance will not cover it
your only recourse is litigation


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Why did you have so many personal belongings there?  You were essentially leaving them with a stranger.  You can file a police report for the items she stole.  However, perhaps because you left them there, she can claim that you "gave" them to her.  Then it becomes a "he said she said".  Do you have personal property coverage in your landlord insurance policy?


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thank you both for your imput.
i was stupid to leave my belongings there, i know. 
i had them in storage for a year after i moved and was paying $155/month, which was unaffordable. plus i had no one to help me move.
so i left most things in the cabinets, etc and boxed up a lot in the basement.
my tenant went through all my storage. 
guess i trusted too much.
i did pay $1200/year for tenants insurance, now that is changed back to regular homeowners since i'm living in the house.


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It comes to cleaning up moving out and recouping bond payments wanted to charge me for the lawns a month after I had vacated .

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You can computer file a cops review for the products she took.  However, perhaps because you remaining them there, she can declare that you "gave" them to her.
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