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Our tenant emailed us last night saying the garage door bent the tracks, wheels popped off, and it won't close.  His email said he had been having trouble closing it "for awhile now" but last night was when it really broke.

We are very angry that he did not tell us about this problem when it was just a small problem. Now it is a huge and much more costly problem.

Our lease is the boilerplate TN lease. Can we apply the "neglect and misuse" clause to this repair and charge it back to the Tenant since he did not tell us about it when it first started?

They have been good tenants thus far, although quite needy.

Thank you!


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I see, that sounded awful considering your side. However, I would suggest you  better  have a serious talk with your tenant about the problem, ask him why  he didn't tell you about the problem in earlier time and waited for it to get worse. You can actually both fix the problem i f you'll   have a  good talk, a good deal  between two good people will help, you just need a little good conversation regarding  the problem.

Good luck!

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