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I have just accquired a property. The tenant was still living in there. Then I do an eviction. After it has been granted, the tenants moved. However, they filed an appeal for evcition extension yesterday. The reason is they need more time to move their belongings.
Can they actaully do it because they have already moved out. They still have some of their trashes and a few cars  in my property. And it's been a while since the eviction is granted and they moved out (at least 13 days).
Can I just throw out their belongings on to the street? Can they claim for the loss if I do so?

The property is located in TX


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Some states give tenants the right to appeal an eviction.  (Some up to 15 days.)   Ask the clerk of court what the time limit is there.  In the meantime, do not toss anything yet.  See what the court says about their appeal.  If denied, continue on by asking the court for a set out of their beloingings.  It will cost a little, but a court officer removes or oversees the removal of their belongings form the premise.  Personal belongings are placed to the curb.  Cars are towed by a service.  You MAY have to pay for the towing, but owners would have to pay the tow fees to get their cars back.

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