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I rented my beautiful 3600 sq ft house one year ago. The tenant has always been late on the rent and has another family with two dogs living in the house(her boyfriend and his kids and two dogs). That makes four dogs in a house which had brand new hardwood flooring prior to move in. The lease does not have his name nor was he disclosed to us.
Now she is two months late on the rent. I filed eviction after giving a three day notice. The eviction date is next week. Today I get a letter from her lawyer stating that we did not fix couple of things like a light switch, crack in the granite countertop behind the sink! etc and is demanding thousands dollars for hardship. Do we need to have response to this BS at the eviction hearing?
In Ohio these things are at second cause hearing in my experience.

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if you have 2 hearing like in Wisconsin, you are correct

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Depends on the state. Move forward as best you can. In Virginia the repairs have to be needed to keep the place habitable, cracked light switches wouldn't stop an eviction. Did they provide a written request for the repairs? In VA they would have to, and the repairs would have to be truly needed, not cosmetic. May be worth a few hundred bucks to sit down with an attorney.

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The tenants is buying time with help from her legal aid attorney. The "repairs" are simply an answer to the summons to buy more time. Go forward with the eviction according to OH laws. Get an attorney and I hope your lease provides for attorney fees

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Did you evict them?

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