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Tenant is breaking building codes like running electrical cords thru door ways and put a pellet stove in where a wood stove was and is taking down smoke detectors and is bringing in more then 1 dog , what is my first step. Mass

Donald B Gadziala

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I would say your first step is to give proper written notice that you are going to inspect.  Give written notice at least 24 hours in advance that you are coming on xx/xx date at xx:xx pm to inspect.  Don't ask if you can come at this time, or even ask for a response.  Just state you will be there at that time to inspect.  Then go in and do an inspection.  If they ask, tell the the insurance company requires it.

Write down all violations - fire hazards, lease violations, etc.  Then send them a cure or quit notice for the violations.  State exactly what they must do on each item (ie - remove the pellet stive since it is not permitted, remove all dogs except the one dog permitted, reinstall all smoke detectors and restore them to operation, etc.)  Give them a reasonable time, say 10-14 days, to cure the violations.  State that another inspection will take place then to ensure compliance.  Give written notice again to inspect, and be sure they have gotten rid of the dogs, that the smoke detectors are back, etc.  If they didn't sure, you can attemnpt to evict them for any material violations, or can issue an unconditional quit notice (get out within x days or be evicted).  Then follow through.

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