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Recently , the boyfriend of my tenant was arrested nearby on a marijuana charge, Could have been selling on the street. Later that day, police, 3 cars, 5 police and 1 police dog searched the tenants unit while I was out and arrested her. She got out of jail 3 days later and the boyfriend got out 4 days later.eard they had to go to court a lot over this. I just want to know, I am curious for the details about this incident, and I only hear so much from them. Would there be any legal ways to get more information regarding this whole affair. The guy is the tenants boyfriend, he hangs around the house with her. Only the woman and her mother are actual tenants. I am in San Francisco, Ca. I am aware how strong rent control is in this city, but do want to find some way to know what happened from a leagal standpoint with these 2 people. I have never had a problem like this before with tenants and the local police.
William Henry
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