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My husband and I work for a company that has several properties in several states. I am the site manager and my husband is maintenance. This is a HUD property. When my husband started the job which was before I came on board there was one tenant that took an instant dislike to him. She has tried to get him fired from the first week and is calling the home office at least once a week complaining about him. She says he has cussed her, pushed her, and anything else she can think of. She follows him around and tells my husband and other tenants that he's not doing his job or that he doesn't know how to do it. She monitors his bathroom breaks when she is in the community room as well as his lunch breaks all the while continuing to call the home office about him. I came to work a few months ago and on my 2nd day at work the tenant told my regional manager she wanted nothing to do with me. She didn't want to speak to me, didn't want me to speak to her and didn't want me in her apartment. My manager did tell her that wouldn't be possible and that she would have to deal with me. Well she's abandoned the not speaking to me part because every time she comes to the community room she stops in and gets real hateful and nasty with me. My manager told me this has been going on for years with this woman. She brags that she has gotten other managers and maintenance fired and that she is going to get us fired. Is there anything that can be done about her? Can she be evicted for the harassment? I would hate to give her the satisfaction but I feel like looking for another job. And by the way the rest of the tenants seem to really like us and say we are doing a great job. Please help.

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You refer to your manager telling you this has been going on for years. Your manager is the real problem, not the annoying tenant.

Your manager needs to "Put her in her place". This means the manager should tell her that the employees bathroom and lunch breaks are not her concern, do not call again. If she calls in for service or repairs, they get done by the people management chooses, not by her choice.

I have no idea what restrictions HUD places on how tenants are removed. I would be waiting for her to pay late or cause some other issue so I could serve her notice to move. Lots of renters out there looking for places.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice and I totally agree with you.
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