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My nice lady tenant of three years dove out the kitchen window and was picked up by police barefoot and incoherent.Diagnosis : dementia from latent syphilis. Her family has assumed responsibility . My question;can they remove and sell her furniture ,cancel  bank accounts  , and end the tenancy I'm curious Do they need a conservatorship ?Without it can they act for her?Another case :A not so nice tenant has been hospitalized for weeks the mother has paid part of the rent and ignored my requests to pay the balance The unit sits empty .How can I proceed to end the tenancy?

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1 - I would want some legal paperwork to put in my file to show these people are authorized to enter her place, remove property, etc. The last thing you want is to take Bob's workd for it, then two weeks later Susie the responsible sister shows up and sues you for handing everything over to someone who is not authorized (for a reason).

2 - I would treat it as normal (a tenant not paying rent in full). Do a 5-Day pay or quit (or whatever your state requires). I would also look into whether there are any laws regarding this since it is a unique situation. If they don't pay, move forward (although I would give them the benefit of the doubt when applicable). You don't want to be the slumlord in court trying to dump some poor guy's property just because he was in the hospital for a month. Any idea what the issue is or expected return?
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