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Hello. I'm new to this forum. I'm also a first time landlord. Anyone's advice is greatly appreciated. Here's what's going on (thank you all in advance). Ive owned my home for over 7 years and has always took well care of my house and maintained it very nicely. 

We bought a second house about 20 min away back in April (this past April, 2015). So the move in date for the future tenant was June 1st (since that gave us time to get our house ready to rent while waiting for our brand new house to finish being built. We found someone to sign our lease on the first house this past May. We didn't do a credit check (yes I know shame on us, for now on we surely will). But she had all her paperwork and proof of military funding that pays up to $1500 a month for her rent. We have a good lease agreement incremented with our state laws (TN). She has no kids and no roommates. It was just her alone and her very small dog (we didn't even charge for a pet fee or pet deposit). 

Anyhow, everything was set, she did pay her 1st, last, and security deposit before she did the walk thru with us. Everything was set to go. So after we moved into our new house, I decided to drive by the old house to see how the lawn looked (in our lease agreement-was that we either tack on a fee for lawn service to keep up the yard or we leave the lawn mower and trimmer so that the tenant can take care of the lawn themselves -front yard and back yard). She agreed so we left it there. 

Anyhow, when driving past (I always go that way on my way to work every morning anyway), I noticed the grass was very high and didn't look like it was taken care of. So a few days later I casually emailed the tenant to ask how everything was going and threw in "is the lawn mower working ok for you". She emailed me back days later saying how she "needs me to sign a form cause she is filing papers as "we speak" because her ex husband got out of jail and cleared out her bank account" (note: she moved from a different state and mentioned her ex in jail or prison). She said she won't have the money for next month and that she "HASNT EVEN MOVED IN YET OR TURNED ON THE ELECTRICITY IN HER NAME" (and incase anyone asks- YES I did turn off the power in my name over there right after we moved out). She does have family out here so I'm assuming she is just staying with family right now until she "has the bank return all her money" or whatever is going on. So then we talked on the phone and her story was that her ex skipped bond and the money in her bank was gone..she seemed to have her story straight...but things still sounded fishy. I try not to judge people but in this case I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.  So another week goes by and I've emailed her to remind her about this form she supposedly needs me to fill out and she doesn't answer at all about that. Then she emails me that she may just need to break her lease and she said she may not have any funds until up to 6 weeks...her rent i charge is $1160. 

To me this sounds odd...if the military pays her funds up to $1500 a month...then why wouldn't she have the funds in the first place? Why hasn't she even turned on the electricity? (I know if your credit is bad then you have to pay more down to have it turned on) sounds almost as if she doesn't want to admit she cant afford to pay to turn it on so she just hasn't moved in..but i dont want my house to look VACANT. I had emailed her recently that she needs to tell us what she is going to do since technically, her first and last can cover her for another month. I really don't want to have to find tenants all over again, being it gets harder to find renters once summer is over but Im starting to not trust her at all because her last email now she is changing her story. 

My few questions is:  I don't know too much about military funding, but if they pay someone's rent then why is she saying she won't have it? Can i have reasons to evict if she hasn't even moved in and the house is Vacant with no electricity on? She has no kids so I beleive our lease stated she would have 14 days to leave, not 30 (again we live in TN).

Also, what would you do? I know if she breaks her lease we keep her security deposit. Much advice needed please. We CAN afford to pay both morgtages but I really dont want to have to do that. She is causing me and my wife stress about what to do because we want to relist our house asap and find someone who is reliable. 


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you have to wait till her rent is used, then give her a 5 day notice, if she does not pay, start an eviction
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