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I own a home at the beach, 2 apartments down and large apartment upstairs. Living at beach storm doors must be secured, ingress and egress. After repeated requests of tenant, to secure door, Apt A wind caught it and blew off.  I said to tenant 1st one is on me next is on you. It happened again. Since he arrived it has been one complaint after another. I address each one and another crops up. I suggested to him in a text message, if he is not happy here maybe he should find a place where he is. He has issued a letter stating because I made the offer he demands his Security deposit back and gave  me a 30 day notice.  He has caused over $600,00 damage what should I do.

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If he gave you a 30 day notice then he has to leave at the end of that 30 days. Once he leaves, you can assess the situation and see if he should get any monies back. One mistake to be careful of is to never let a tenant get away with anything (1st one on you, the next on them). But if you can prove that the $600 worth of damage was caused by him, then you can deduct that from his security deposit. If he causes more damage as he's moving out, you can deduct that from the deposit as well. But you don't have to give him anything back until he moves out. The same way he gave the deposit and moved in, he gets the deposit returned AFTER he moves out. That is, if there's anything left after deducting the damages.
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