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Hi. I have a tenant who I am placing in the passive aggressive box and need some help...

In November, she called and asked to have an electrical inspection done on the home she is staying in.  I told her that that  would be fine so long as she understood that if the electrician did not find an issue, I would have to charge her for the service call.  Electrician came, found nothing wrong, explained to her that when the washer kicked in, that the light did indeed dim a bit for a moment and that was happens in new homes.  His charge was $90 and I told her that this is what she needed to include in the next month's rent.

Instead of that, she called the city inspection department on me.  They found nothing wrong in the living quarters, but wrote me up on the roof, the foundation and some other nits.  They also wrote up that I should have an electrician inspect the property which I had already done.  I've taken care of everything else but foundation (they wrote up some cracks on the concrete block foundation) and I have had a few issues getting an electrician scheduled for the job...he fell and hurt his back, so I guess I need to find someone new.

Meanwhile, she has called the city code inspectors again and they wrote up a weird note stating the tenant has not violated any lease considerations under 'Other'...  She also called the city's mediation department and I received a letter from them telling me to attend a mediation session with her.  I have 10 other issues.

My question and where you guys can help me...  Can I serve her notice that she needs to move out due to untenable living conditions and repairs that will be required by the foundation repair.  I'll give her full deposit back, but I'm really tired of attempting to translate crazy.  I have been peppered with these calls from her since she moved in and would like to move on but her lease goes on another 6 months.

Would that require me to pay her moving costs?   What kind of notice would I need to give her?

Thanks folks!

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Let me qualify the electrician note...I am trying to get the washer wired directly to the box...

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I don't understand why you would be called to mediation if you have filed nothing against her?  I'd call the city and kindly tell them you have nothing to mediate.  There is no lease violation and no pending eviction.  Repair the foundation crack, and bide your time until the 6 months end.  File nothing and don't ask her to leave - it would look like retaliation.   And why would a washer be direct wired?  They should just plug in to a receptacle.
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