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I have a tenant that turned off sprinkler timer and is adamant that the gardener turned it off (a gardener I provider) and now refuseing to paid to reseed lawn saying that’s a gardener job, she missing the part bout her watering and keeping the grass
this is a part of the lease agreement
{Tenant agress to maintain the yard and landscaping including trimming, cutting, and fertilizing unless a gardener responsible for such services is provided by landlord. Tenant agress to furnish trashcans, hoses, and other equipment necessary to maintain the yard and landscaping. Tenant agress to water the lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers sufficiently to keep them alive and healthy. Any landscaping which dies from lack of water shall be replaced in a kind at tenant sole expense. If the tenant’s yard is not maintained to the reasonable satisfaction of the landlord, tenant authorizes landlord to hire a gardener/landscaping company and to pay for this expense as additional rent.}

She told me she giving a lease agreement to her lawyer cause I’m trying to scam her
Am’i in a right to have her pay for this reseeding cause she turned off sprinkler timer killing lawn when the lease agreement said she would water lawn

Any input

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Are you willing to go to court over this?  How much are you talking about?

You will have to prove to the judge that, in fact, she did not water the lawn.  That's going to be a challenge.

Work out an agreement.  Offer to only deduct the cost of the seed (maybe $50) and you will handle the labor.  Be clear that you expect her to water the seeds and continue to water according to the lease.  If the new grass dies, then you will have to deduct the full repair amount from the security deposit next time.

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