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I have an problem in wisconsin.  I have a tenant that left with no notice.  I don't know where he went, and I have no way of finding him.  What is the proper procedure in this situation?  I need to get the apartment ready to rent again, but I don't want to break any laws by entering the apartment too soon.  The tenant is on a one year lease that goes until July.  Please help this new landlord out, he worried.



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Try checking WI Statute 704.05(5) for the statute that may deal with adandonment and follow it.  In some states with abandonment statuttes there is normally a procedure to follow to declare the place abandoned and retaker possession of it without going to the expense of eviction. 

Herew, it normally means you leave a 24 hour notice to enter, then inspect the premises and photograph it to show the condition it was left, to show the utilities are off, to show there is no furniture or personal items left, to show there is no bed/couch/TV, to chow there is no food in fridge or canbinets, etc.  Make sure the photos are dated.  Then you document that rent hasn't ben paid since xx/xx date and that utilities are off or are scheduled off (call the utility companies).  You document that you are unable to call the tenant on the contact numbers you have for him.  You leave a notice on the door that says you will declare the place abandoned and change the locks in 7 days if the tenant doesn't contact you.  After 7 days, we change the locks, store the belongings for 30 days, and proceed to re-rent.  After 30 days, we dispose of the belongings.

You need to read through the above statute to see what your exact proceedures are there.
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