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Hi everyone, I was a landlord for a short time, sold my house because the experience was horrible.

This is what happened: It is in Florida, need some advice...

1. Had a house where 5 students were living.
2. In July their lease ended, I send them a new lease but they never signed or returned it to me
3. In September the hurricane occurred and after the hurricane, a few of them told me they are leaving.
4. They left the house in horrible condition.
5. Two girls were living there that did not initially agree on leaving or sort of said they will leave but did not give me exact timing.
6. I decided to sell the house to an investor, got someone quick. Told the tenants I am selling the house and they said they would leave. By October 1st they said they left, left the keys in the house and took their stuff. This is all via text msg.
7. I sold the house, closed today.
8. For some weird reason one of the girls texted me saying that , she had a lease with me (they never returned a signed lease to me) and that I should have allowed her to stay or offered her to stay.

She never paid for October , obviously because she did not live there. Today is 25 days since she supposedly left. I have text msg saying that she is leaving and that she took her stuff. Again, I never forced them to leave, they agreed to leave on their own.

I basically told her she needs to talk to the new owner.

She said she is going to talk to her dad who is a lawyer, but I am not really sure what she wants from me specifically.

They never gave me a deposit, so I do not have to return one. And they never paid me for October. House is no longer mine so I am not authorized to put her back in there and technically there is no lease agreement since they never returned their part to me, right?

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So what is the problem exactly? Is anyone still living in the space? Has everyone returned their keys? Does the new owner want tenants?

If you are going to have people leave, you need to tell them to, not wait for each of them to say they will. I think you could have gotten yourself into trouble selling the house with such vague agreements with the tenants to move out. 

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I see nothing that would hold up in court. She texted you that she was leaving, and again that she had removed all her belongings.  Keep and print those out, just in case.  Since you don't even own the home any longer, and there was no deposit to return, what else is left to do?
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