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I have a tenant that signed the lease Dec 22 for official move in/start date of Jan 1st.

I let them move in last week of Dec, gratis with terms in the lease that they are still responsible for the property even though I am not charging them for that week.

On January 2nd, the building management received a report of a leak in the bathroom ceiling of the unit 7 floor below.  the engineer went from unit to unit and found my tenant had left the water running in the bathroom sink.  She was just mopping up.

She claims it was just for a moment while she went to do something with her daughter.

The building thinks it went on for hours as there is extensive damage to the first four floors beneath my unit.

Last I tally heard from the building manager it was $4000 in damage and they were still assessing.  They expect it will exceed the association's deductible of $10K.

My insurance company (a prominent insurer that specializes in supporting military and secret service) just sent their adjuster to take a look.

Will the insurer cover me for my tenant's negligence?


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It should be the tenant's insurance first. What they don't cover, your insurance *should* cover, but it depends on the policy. 

Was the sink clogged or the drain closed? 

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I encouraged the tenant to get Renter's Insurance when they signed the lease.  I doubt they got that.

I've used that sink before.  It's a little slow to drain.  No clog.  Previous tenant didn't have any problems.  The tenant says the pop-up wouldn't open (the lever is a little stiff and needs to be really pushed to open) - drain closed. 

They had been there a week and did not notice it.  Says they hardly use the Master Bath.

Building engineer says he's never seen insurance pay for something like this (negligence).


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I can't speak for your tenant and I don't know about insurance.

I can tell you that I am a very responsible person. I'm not a tenant anymore, but when I was, I was, if I do say so myself, ideal. I was quiet, tidy, and self-sufficient. I didn't complain or cause complaints. I followed every rule and paid rent not only on time, but early. 

But....years ago, when I was at a work, I left the water running in a sink and then completely forgot about it. I was watering a plant, got distracted, and didn't remember until a security guard went around asking about a leak on the floor below. They thought it could be a terrorist attack. I don't know what the damage was. I know that sink was over our photography lab with lots of expensive equipment and that that equipment was spared. 

I was mortified and for some reason I was not fired. 

I hope this is a one time honest mistake with your tenant.

But if it's not, I would load up on as much insurance as you can stomach. 

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