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I hope someone has some insight on this. I have two tenants, one in his 70's and the other is younger, that have put me in a position of having a seemingly unsolvable problem. The older tenant was away from home for a few months when the new tenant moved in next door. The new tenant lived in the community for about 6 months and was widely liked by the other tenants. When the older tenant came home he started telling me that the new tenant was threatening and swearing at him. He has called the police who spoke with both tenants but didn't take any further action. The new tenant denies ALL of the allegations and said the older tenant was confrontational from their first meeting and he has attempted to avoid him. The older tenant has provided me with absolutely no proof this is happening beyond his word. I can't arbitrarily decide that he is telling the truth and take action against the other tenant when no one else has ever had a complaint about his behavior and he denies engaging in the behavior. To make matters worse before I took over this unit the older tenant had a similar complaint about the previous neighbor, he was abusive and tried to hurt him. Now the older tenant is mentioning lawyers and elder abuse and gave me a letter stating I was refusing to fix the situation. I had another unit open in the community but neither tenant is willing to move from their current unit.
I want peace but I have no idea what to do. I don't think I have any legal reason to force a move from either tenant but I do not see this changing unless someone will move. 
Any ideas?
Thank you!

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I don't think you have cause either. Unless there is proof or a witness can verify one of their claims, there really isn't much that can be done. I doubt the older tenant will move forward with anything, and if he does, you can provide the evidence that you had nothing more than unsupported claims and that the police were aware of the situation and felt no action needed to be taken. 

All you can really do is ask both to simply avoid each other. If they are passing each other, simply don't do or say anything to the other. If they can both at least be grown up enough to ignore each other, there shouldn't be any more trouble. 

If it continues as it is now with claims and not support, you could end one lease when eligible and offer a different unit (or not). If you end it at the end of the lease you don't need any reason. And if you offer them another, you can say it is because you have a more recently remodeled unit (and make sure it is, at least paint and such) and want to do the same to their current unit.

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You don't have a problem at all.  You have quarreling tenants, neither of whom is providing any evidence or police reports to prove any issue.  Just tell each side you will be happy to take action once they provide proof that something is actually happening.  You need a police report, a corroborating witness, something.  Until then, ignore the whole thing.  You have no right or reason to take any action.

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Thank you for the replies. I'm fairly new at this so I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something here. 😉
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