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We have a two unit building with tenants who are great with paying rent. However, the first floor tenant has repeatedly made it very difficult when we need to do repairs that require access to her apartment.

Even when we remodeled her bathroom she played games and would not answer the door for our contractor....repeatedly.   She even destroyed a big piece of drywall he had in the bathroom to install. 

We have repeatedly asked her to work with us as we are three and a half hours away.  Our contractor basically said he wont work in her apartment any more because he feels she "has issues".  So, I told her that he has now required that I be present when he needs to get in....both from a scheduling perspective as well as he doesn't trust her.

We are making more improvements to the building and he needs to get into her place.  He is willing to work with her again to schedule a time.  I can almost predict with 99% certainty that he will call to tell me he couldn't get in.

I don't know what else to say to the tenant.... I want to tell her that if I need to drive thre and a half hours to be there to let him in that I will bill her!!!! 

Her lease states she needs to cooperate with us on things like this.  She pays her rent and cares for the apartment...I would hate to evict her but she is making things difficult.

any suggestions?  We are going to have a sit down with her the next time we are there. 

frustrated in PA


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I have the same problem. I'm simply gonna wait until their lease is up and then throw her and her worthless son out. I'm sure you have threaten them by saying that refusal to cooperate with contracting and repair schedules are a violation of their lease, and then hope that does the trick. You could probably take it to court but, unless things get more serious, it'd be a tough case to win. Try talking to them one on one and let them know that they could be violating their lease and could be grounds for eviction. In my case, I'm just gonna wait until their lease is up, throw them out, and then make sure I only do 6-month or month-to-month leases from now on.
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