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I have two roommates renting an apartment from me.  In the last few months one of the girls has started paying her rent late and when she does pay it, she ignores the late fee, despite being informed of it in writing.

She has only been here two years, her roommate has been here seven years and she never had a great track record either as far as only paying partial rent or paying late.

The newer tenant has told me that since she's lived here for two years I need to trust her and be more flexible.  Frankly I'm a rather livid that this little Millennial is acting so entitled and trying to be so manipulative. 

They are living in the apartment with a rent below market value, even though we just instituted a rent increase since we are figuring "a bird in the hand."

How would you handle this situation?  I feel like I'm being taken advantage of and I don't like it!

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You are, and this is exactly the type of tenant that will take a mile every time they get an inch, so it has to stop immediately. Enforce the late fee. Give her whatever 5-day type notice is needed for non-payment of rent, file with the court for eviction, move forward every time as if she will never pay you again. She will learn very quickly that you aren't going to make exceptions for her and that she needs to be an adult and pay the rent like she promised she would in writing.

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she needs to be an adult and pay the rent like she promised

This X 1,000!!

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Here in Oregon unpaid  late fees  can only be collected by a law  suit" for cause".This is an  expensive and time consuming hassle   .A better way of dealing with these people is to raise their  rent to fair market  I certainly would not be giving them the gift every month of below market rents
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