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Through the years I have collect all sorts of junk that tenants have abandoned.  I now have a written policy that a fee of $100 for junk left behind which can be deducted from their deposit.  It isn't foolproof as the following illustrates.  My tenant lost his job and stopped paying rent.  He did write me a note that said he would leave in approx 4 weeks and that he was moving to another state.  In the note he said I could have his lawnmower, weedwacker and wheelbarrow (he also said he's mail me a check for the back rent when he got on his feet. LOL).  I told him I really didn't need his junk.  However, since I had no deposit left to hold over him the stuff stayed in my shed.  Last week the current tenant (who was a roommate with the him) received a call from the old tenant requesting he unlock the shed so he could pick up his stuff.  My current tenant relayed the message from me that it didn't belong to him anymore and if he is on my property the police will be called.----end of story.

Coincidentally, a week later I received a call from a different former tenant.  This one stayed had moved out at least 4 years ago.  In fact, I didn't even remember him until he explained how long ago he had moved out.  Anyway, the reason he was calling was to retrieve the "personal items" of his girlfriend which he stored in the attic.  I felt bad, but the fact was that the attic was cleaned out over a year ago when the house was between tenants. Sorry, next time rent a store and lock and don't leave your junk with me! 

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I think that you must talk once to your tenants and tell them to take away all the junk and if they don't respond you I think you must dispose it.
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On the letting stuff if the tenant is not having his things then on that owner is having rights...
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