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I gave a tenant a 30 day eviction notice--soon after that was done she reported me to the office of housing with bogus claims. She keeps purposely tripping the main electric switch and tampering with the breaker in the basement. She keeps calling me when she knows I'm at work, screaming on the phone, with fake complaints about the electricity (she also reported to the city that her electric bill is too high, I don't know what that has to do with me). She texts me at 1AM threatening to take me to court for loud footsteps, she also goes around slandering me telling neighbours I engage in illegal activity. She and her daughter recently threatened to break down my door and beat my daughter when she opened the door, she's now afraid of walking out the door. I did call the cops with that incident, is that enough for file a report for harassment? She refuses to sign a lease and refused to pay rent. How difficult would it be to evict this nuisance based on this? Does she stand a chance to win a case an live here rent free? It's difficult, uncomfortable and scary having them here.

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what state?
make sure you Doc everything (include time/date/pic if possible). also when she complains about something, doc it also and result of what was found.
she is on a mth 2 mth since she did not sign a lease. at the end of your notice, file for eviction if she does not move. make sure you send her the list for deductions within the time period for your state.

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I agree with dishrodger.  Document everything.  If you already gave her a 30 day eviction notice and doesn't leave, you will need to file an unlawful detainer to get them out.  This is one of the worse things about being a LL.  Unfortunately, it's part of the job.  Do a complete and thorough background check before renting to anyone:  run credit report, check driving record, call references, call all past landlords, look for discrepancies on rental application, etc.
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