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Looking for any advice I can husband and I are tenants at a apt.complex for almost 3 years now
we don't cause problems pay our rent don't complain..however the landlord whom seems to believe he can enforce whatever he wants and pretty much do what he wants ( I have seen and heard of things he has done ) that I believe are a violation to tenants rights.
can the landlord forbid tenants from sitting in the common yard at normal hours from drinking beer and listening to music..the situation is on my husbands day/night off 1 day a week we sometimes like to sit in the yard listening to music from a laptop without a speaker the music is not loud by any means and also have a few beers..there is no noise, no problems..the police have never been called and other tenants also do this..we believe there is 1 tenant that complains about everyone and everything therefore the landlord tells us we can not be in the yard doing this, on the instances we have we have been inside by 9pm..long before any city noise ordances..I don't believe he has the legal right to tell us we can not sit in the yard and have a few beers especially when there is no party/noise /problem and never have the police been called for any kind of issue.
just looking for some info. on what our rights are as tenants

tenant rights in florida..are tenant rights being violated by a landlord if the tenant is being harassed for sitting in the common yard during normal day/night hours ( mid afternoon-9pm ) listening to music ( not loud ) from a laptop without a speaker. and drinking beer just relaxing on a day off. other tenants also do this tenants are not breaking any laws or causing disturbances the police have never been called but due to the landlords preferances or to another tenant complaining the tenants in question are being told they cannot sit outside in the yard drinking beer or listening to this a violation of tenant rights? especially when a noise law is not being broken and are indoors by 9pm on day of question.

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I know on my TAA lease in Texas that it tells us no more that two guests per household in the common area. And no alcoholic beverages outside of our apt. I have a mgr like yours to think she owns the place.
Judy Kanary

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The right way to handle this situation is to consult with a real estate attorney who has an experience in landlord-tenant law who will evaluate your case with you. My cousin was also dealing with this same situation. He was staying in Florida. By taking a reference from this website he consulted with the real estate attorney in Florida. You should also search for a real estate law firm or a lawyer nearby you. An attorney will take the time to explain the situation and address your matter.

Kimberly Smith

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I doubt she can say that you can't sit outside.  There may be a rule that says no loitering, but coming from the Midwest, enjoying the sunshine would be a plus in my book.  She can always say no alcohol in a common area.  Every park and public building has this rule.  No alcohol in an area where children may be.  As for music, if its not a disturbance and the volume is kept low it shouldn't be an issue.  Try earbuds so no one can be disturbed.  There is a cheap little device that will allow you to plug in more than one pair.  Maybe the neighbor really only has an issue with the alcohol outside.  Try going out without the beer and see if its an issue.  If they continue to enact an "no loitering rule", ask the manager to show you this rule.
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