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There are a LOT of different options.  Whatever you do, make sure you know what reports to run, and how to interpret them.

In general
Avoid renters with a sub 620 FICO score
Do a COUNTY level criminal check, do not rely on a national one

The company should also
Call past owners of the properties on the credit report, not the contacts and addresses listed by the tenant.
Call employers to verify employment.  If you do it, you will get nothing.


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I've used Houserie and the service was great. The report was easy to read and I got it back quickly.

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Free, Full Service, comprehensive application, screening, and verification tool -
You don't have to collect an application fee anymore. We do that for you. If is just $15 for the tenant's background and credit check. Just direct them to your unique online application link on Tenantopia and receive their full credit report and background check. It is easy for you because it is easy for us.

Exclusively for DIY Landlords and Property Managers
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e Today! [smile]


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According to the query the tenant comes into view to regularly get 12 month loans. I don’t think that you can not count this as a reliably source of income in addition to their base salary. Its not his all time salary.



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We use MySmartMove by TransUnion and we've had good experiences. We provide free tenant credit & criminal background reports to landlords, and we're about to release an option to include an eviction report. The checks are a "soft" inquiry, which means that the tenant is pulling the report and it won't affect their credit. This allows tenants to safeguard some of their personal information, like their SSN number. 

Sarnen Steinbarth
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In my experience as a landlord, I've used more than 5 different screening services. To be blunt, those services you listed are not good at all. 
I had never been satisfied with the program I used, as they all were missing something. Whether it was eviction reports, criminal, sex offender, customer service, ease of use, etc, none of them had the full package. 
I recently used RentPrep, who was an ok service, but the reports were not generated in enough time for me. That's when I went on Trulia to find another company, and saw a lot of reviews on TenantMagic, a company I had never heard of.
TenantMagic is by far the best company I have used so far. They provide awesome customer service, have complete reports, and are free to use. 
My satisfaction with TenantMagic has been outstanding. I know this may sound like a promotion, but really I insist you at least give the owner a call, he is wonderfully helpful.

Daniel Russell
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