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My story is that I had one tenant, Joanne Thomson, who seemed a like a good tenant and paid rent on time. However, only found out after she lied about needing to move out of the house for a personal reason that she had illegally sub-letted the house and was profiting from it. The sub-letted tenants pretty much trashed the house and had multiple dogs in the house. As she gave her notice, she kindly asked for a reference letter. Since I do not live in the area where my rental property is and I travel a lot for work, I had to somewhat trust her. I did not realize that she had done this until her son contacted me about renting the property but they said that it needed a lot of work to fix up the place!

So anyone in Roanoke, VA, please watch out for this woman. She is a crook!

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sue her for damages and any profit she made
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