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The other night I went down to change a lightbulb in one of my tenants units and there were two people by the elevator with boxes. I asked them in a friendly way if they were moving in and they said yes. They just so happened to be moving in to the unit I was heading down to. I told the tenant that it was not okay to move another person in. I suspect they've been moving people in and out before, as there has been a lot of "moving traffic" (boxes, luggage etc) coming through the walkway - and there is a condensation problem in their unit which I suspect is from many people breathing, showering etc.

The first story I get from the girl who's moving in is that she is moving in. When I got down to the unit I waited by the door as she went in to talk to the tenant. They speak vietnamese so I had no idea what was being discussed. The story then changed to the girl just staying there until she finds another place - anticipating her being there less than two weeks. I come in to change the lightbulb and they continue to talk amongst themselves and change the story to the girl moving in to replace the tenants roommate who supposedly moved out.

At this point I'm frustrated with being lied to and all of this happening with zero notice. I tell them I'll think about letting the girl move in, but they still have two months left on their lease. Typically I would be fine with this, but they went behind my back -giving me zero notice about any of this- and they are problem children (recently evidenced by them dragging their christmas tree through the walkway - leaving a trail of needles in the elevator and lobby. Mind you this happened on the day I was deciding whether or not to let the new girl stay)

I told her that the lease her and her roommate signed was a twelve month legal agreement blah blah blah typical lecture. She emailed me saying that she can't afford the rent on her own and needs this new roommate there. I'm really not sympathetic - when I broke up with my ex I continued to pay him $700/mos as it was my share of the lease. Because I signed a legal agreement that said I was obligated to pay rent there for twelve months.

Am I being unreasonable? Frankly I don't even think the roommate moved/is moving out. I live on site but am not about to set up a patrol to see who is coming in and out of that apartment. There is also no language in the lease about subletting, but it does state guests can only stay two weeks.

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It would be hard to prove someone is living there after 2 weeks.  You may want to evict citing the "no subletting" clause.

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There are only two ways to settle this. If you find the guest living more than 2 weeks then they have to pay. Otherwise you have every right of evicting them out of your place.  
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