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 Hi This is the first time I have used this so bear with me. 

I am a manger of a trailer park in southern Calif. this trailer park is the park from hell, to start off with. 

I have only been a manger here for about 6 months. The place was so messed up when I started here. 

The problem I am having with this tenant is, I hear someone yelling at the top of their lungs at another tenant. I am standing there telling her to lower her voice. when she finally stops yelling enough, she looks at me and tells me to stay out of it. I said, I can’t It’s my job, and you don’t need to be yelling like that. She comes back with why like everyone else does. She is right people do get loud, I have been working on them about that and it has improved. 

She then called me names and said she would just call my boss. 

What I want to do is just give her a 3 day. She is always late on her rent. I know this month is not going to be the same. Problem is, the management co. I work for are slow at acting on anything. 

This tenant is not going to be easy to live with now. She never has been for that matter. She has always copped an attitude with me whenever I tell her something she needs to do or not do. 

 So I guess is can I just wait for the 5th and serve her with a 3 day to pay or quit, and what if she comes up with the rent? I really want this tenant out of here. I am not the only one that feels that way. 


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You need a heavy dose of training from your owner, your lawyer or local apt association regarding mobile  home park law in CA. Google, "mobile  home park law in CA" and you will find the proper resources.

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I've a tennant, whom I let break her lease. ( In NY state) I still hold her security deposit and she left the place a mess. The real issue is that she now claims I stole something from her and wants me to pay for the the costly items. I've deneighed the theft and want her to sign a mutal release. Otherwise I said 'sue me for the utility deposit'. Do I have a right to hold the $?


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