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Hi there,

We had a tenant move out at the beginning of this month after a pretty short-term lease. She rented a room in our home that has its own entrance, so we didn't share personal space--just outdoor space. Long story short, she was a horrific tenant who ended up moving in both her boyfriend and his dog, and engaged in so much sneaky behavior that we had to put security cameras up to help keep watch over our home.

I really, really wanted to return her security deposit and be done with her, but she left the place a mess.  She didn't even make an attempt to clean it--there was food and trash on the floor, ants swarming all over the dining area because she was a mess, and the bathroom and kitchen appliances looked like they hadn't been cleaned the entire time she lived there.  She also left with only 2 weeks notice and without paying rent for the last month.

I took prorated rent out of her security deposit, along with cleaning charges. I didn't have time to do the cleaning; I had to hire professionals to get it done in time to send her the remainder of her deposit back.

Once she got the security deposit back, she sent me a threatening email.  What am I trying to pull...karma will get me...I'll be sorry for this, etc.  She didn't seem to have a problem with anything other than the cleaning charge, because apparently, she "deep cleaned" before she left.

I know I've done all I can legally to cover my backside. I have before and after pictures and videos, independent witnesses to the ant problem (the cleaners mentioned something while they were here), and video of them breaking the lease with the dog on the property multiple times, which I was too scared to say anything about because of the BF. I also documented the conversations I had with the boyfriend when I would run into him around the neighborhood, because those conversations were also creepy and threatening.  If I have to go to court, I'm satisfied that I've done the right thing legally and morally....but what do I do about being threatened?

I want to just send her back photos of the place with a receipt from the cleaners, but I'm not sure that's wise. I would love to call the cops on her, but they'll probably laugh at me and let me know they have murderers and gang activity to investigate.

So what would you do?  Would you respond with a receipt/photos, and wish her the best? Or would you just let it slide and hope not to hear from her again? She sounded quite pissed off. I've never had to deal with unreasonable people before, and I don't think she's evil--just young and kind of entitled.

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leave it be. she is gone and you may never hear from her again.
if she tries to sue for balance of deposit, sounds like you have what you need to win.
if she (bf) threatens you again, call the police (get the report)

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Thanks.  That's what my instinct is.  I'm hoping I never hear from her again, so I won't stir the pot by responding.
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