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Several months back i let some friends move into my spare bedroom within the house i own and occupy.  They were planning on staying a few weeks which has turned to months, i've now ask them to move and they won't move out of my home.
They've never paid rent or help with any expenses, the is no written or oral agreements in place.  One of them has gone so far as to suggest i pay them to leave.

Can i lock them out?  Hard to do since one of them seems to always be here. move their stuff out to the street?
Do I go through the eviction process (can't afford an attorney).  what is the reason to list for casue of eviction?  hard to say they are not paying rent, they were guests.

What i'd live to do is just lock them out and box up there stuff, leave it in a my secure garage that they can retrive it from when they have there own place. 

My place is owner occuipped and does not fall under San Francisco rent control laws.

Please advice

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CA laws are very tenant friendly.  Call the police department or the housing authority and ask if they would be considered guests who overstayed their welcome.  If so, you may be able to put them out and store their items.  If the HA tells you that you can't put them out because they have established residency, you must go through the correct procedure. 

In that case, you will have to give them written notice to leave your house within 30 days.  Keep a copy for yourself (away from the house so it doesn't disappear).  If they fail to leave, after 30 days, you file eviction based on the fact that they were asked to leave but failed to vacate.
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