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Just for reference, here are the breeds my insurance company does not allow:
  • Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Rottweilers
  • Chows
  • Great Danes
  • Presa Canarios

  • Akitas
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • German Shepherds
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Wolf-hybrids
  • Or a mix of any of the above

My agent says to be very careful of 'boxers' because that is the 'but it's not a pitpull... REALLY!' breed.  They say if it is a boxer, they would require a note from a vet or breeder.

They have also told me that if ANY dog breed bites someone, the person would be able to make a claim against my homeowners insurance.  They have even had cases where the tenant themselves have made claims against homeowners when their OWN dog bites them.  Results vary.

Our rental is in the country and the number one reason people want to live out here is to be able to have pets (and horses.... we have less issues with the horses). I stripped out all the carpeting and bought a lot of extra molding when I redid it, because I know I will be replacing those things.  Fortunately, habitat for humanity has inexpensive doors, because we have to replace at least one every time tenants leave.   

If the people have been there three years or more, I don't charge for painting, but under that, they get charged because I have never yet have a pet owner leave where we did not need to paint the whole place because of 'pet-wipe' on the walls.

I don't bother with pet fees and deposits since so far, the damage all falls under the regular deposit (am I painting because of the dog or the two year old with access to crayons?) but I probably would if I had carpets, etc. 

I don't know what the right answer is... it is almost not worth it to allow pets, but I probably would not find tenants out here if I didn't.


Posts: 445
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You must have the same insure company I do-- same breed and criteria.


Posts: 28
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When I was living in Japan, most of the landlords do not allow pets of any kind in apartments. Pets are not only noisy, but they can also damage the apartment. Plus, apartments there are generally 40 sq. meters in size, which is not ideal for pets, especially big ones. Pets or no pets, landlords always check the apartment for damages before the renter moves out and asks for payment that is equal to the amount of repairs from the damage.

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Meet the dog before you give them the
cynthia schmidt

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FYI:  Several states now have legislation awaiting vote to ban disctiminating against dogs based on the breed.  Ohio is one of these states.  Once passed, we wil be unable to deny tenants with pets of a certain breed.  We can still ban pets that are vicious (history of bites or attacks), pets over a certain weight, or simply ban pets altogether ( or just dogs).  But you won't be able to say No Put Bulls.


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The tenant wants to participate in a foster dog program, where they would take dogs.

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Great conversation it is beneficial for the people who really don't have experience with PETs. All the posts are interesting and nice in fact.
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Tell he tenant to buyt the house from you & then they can foster all the animals they want. I just had a tenant leave who had been given permission to have ONE outside dog. three dogs later the house smells like a kennel & guess who gets to clean that up ?? me I love animals but tenants take advantage time & time again with me.

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      I can read All the post, Thanks For sharing this advice

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Second, Pit Bulls are the way they are because they are mistreated, or neglected by their owner. PIT BULLS ARE MADE DANGEROUS BY PEOPLE.

Third, I am happy the tenant decided on a boxer as that happens to be the specific dog breed I rescue. They are wonderful family pets. I wish the tenant had gotten the dog from a boxer rescue or a shelter. Dogs from stores are notorious for getting their dogs from puppy mills and end up with health problems due to inbreeding and poor prenatal care of the mother of that dog. Vet care is very expensive and tragically the dog can die anyway. 
Fourth, and very importantly, boxers are high energy dogs that MUST be trained to control some of that excited behavior and MUST be exercised! MANY poor boxers that are untrained, not exercised end up on death row at shelters or worse abandoned. It is heart breaking. Oh, one more thing about boxers, they are fence climbers. Some don't but some tend to escape and get lost by going over the fence.

I hope my comments are taken to heart. I am sincere and have been around dogs, dog trainers and have seen a lot. 
Having a dog or dogs is a wonderful experience or have tragic consequences. 

Don't shop adopt a shelter dog and please spay and neuter your pet.

Posts: 3
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Initially I did say no benefits, but I liked her and her children so I made changes to my insurance to allow me to let to her. 
And she is a good tenant on a whole. 

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Posts: 16
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It is unfortunate that people still bash and single out Pitbulls. I personally own and have owned them in the past and they are the sweetest dogs around as long as someone isn't shooting them with steroids and beating them. It is the people that make the dog not the other way around. Give any dog to a bad owner and I can show you a bad dog. Anyway the point is there are risks to allowing ANY dog, not just pits, because if they did get out and bite someone or destroy something then you could be liable.

The only reason I probably wouldn't allow a pit is not because of its name, like others, but just because I know those types of dogs and they can get big and are very active and need a decent amount of activity throughout the day. So having a pitbull in a small apartment for those reasons I wouldn't want it. Not for the owners sake, the tenants sake, nor the pits sake.

Sounds like she got a boxer and everything is working good though so I am glad to hear that.

Hope everything continues to work out!

Posts: 3
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Dogs are man's best friend. You can permit a tenant to have a pet like dogs but they should be responsible for their pet. They should make sure that their pet wont cause any harm to other tenants.

Posts: 11
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I have a dog, I love dogs and I have tried letting renters have a dog or dogs.

Two separate times, both at single family homes with back yards.  The contract stated the dogs were to be outdoors, yards to be cleaned etc. every detail I could think of.  Yet each time the dog(s) did damage to the inside of each house, both times beyond the pet deposit.  Each time costing me 1st time $1,000 second time way over, as the dogs destroyed the hardwood floors, ripped up all door trim, cabinet trim, peed on carpets.  It was so bad I will NEVER allow another pet.

Sometimes it takes hard lessons.  There is a good reason most LL will not allow pets.

Posts: 314
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gert a non-refundable pet deposit (some states (as here in wisconsin) require a non-standard lease provision) and charge a mthly rental fee.
require the tenant to have renters insurance that covers the dog (I do this with all pets)
check with your insurance agent to be sure that any liabilty is covered
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