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I have a tenant that moved out in December.  Her and her lawyer mother were not happy with how much of her security deposit I kept for cleaning, etc.   We are now about $100 apart in what they want back and what I offered.  Her lawyer mother is now asking my address.  not sure if she plans on suing me, who knows.  my question is, do I have to provide address?  I think she can figure it out herself..


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She has some kind of address on the lease or rental agreement. Maybe a P.O. box or property manager, if not your own. This is good enough.

You should have simply refunded the amount you owe and include a full accounting for the monies you kept. In my state, this must be done within 21 days or you lose your right to keep any monies from the Security Deposit. Hopefully, you have not cheated yourself by taking time to discuss.

Good luck.

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As Redford said, you must provide some address.  But it can be a PO box, your attorney's address, a business address, or a property manager's address.  It doesn't have to be your home address.

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you don't need provide your address.
Moving Consultant

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You do need to provide some address BY LAW.  Almost all states say you must provide the owner's name and an address where you can get correspondence.  It can be a PO Box, your attorney's address, etc.  It needn't be your home.
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