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A new tenant is asking to install a digital door lock. I've never dealt with this situation before, so I told them I'd think about it. It makes me nervous, but maybe just because it's a new thing for me as a landlord - I'm concerned about being locked out or the HOA management being locked out in case of emergency, due to a dead battery or the tenant changing the code or something. Not sure what all it involves. Am I being paranoid? Does anyone have experience and/or advice about this?


p.s. I'm new to the forum. Hello. [smile]

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As long as the tenant gives you the code for the lock, I think you are okay. See what your lease says. Most leases require that the LL be given access which is controlled by them having a key.

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If you do this, you buy the lock and maintain the master key.  It's your lock change then, and you control everything.

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besides getting the new key...get the instructions about changing the code

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If you want your place to be well taken care of, it’s a kind way to encourage that. [thumb]
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