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The tenants have two small kids (1 and 3). They hire a nanny. When I visited at 5pm on weekday, another man was there saying 'I am picking up my baby (3rd kid)'. He says he is a relative or friend of the nanny. I did not ask further (whether this is one time; whether he pays for child care). The lease (prepared by a tenancy lawyer) states 'business activity is not allowed. baby-sitting is not allowed'.

My take is that occasional baby sitting (or friend's visit with baby) is fine. But another adult cannot leave a baby for child care for a whole day and pick up at 5pm. What do you think?


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I wouldn't want a daycare in my rental either but this sounds like a one-off.  Keep an eye on it and see if the pattern repeats.  Document and confront them with the evidence.  The tenant may not even be aware that the nanny is running a side hustle but I doubt that.
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