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Winter in Minnesota. Hard to rent. One guy in 30s came to see our rental and he appeared to be pleasant. He said he had two more roommates all working for Costco to move in with him. They submitted applications and we checked background. No issues - except the woman needed county assistance for security deposit. They were all wage earning and qualifying applicants - why would she even qualify for county assistance. When we asked, she refused to answer our questions. We let it go hoping for no issues.

Two weeks into the lease they submitted a long list of repair items - this unit was just inspected by the City rental licensing division and was issued a rental license. We requested to inspect the repair items, but was denied and delayed again and again due to tenants not available. In the meantime we received a rent check with a completely different name of that woman tenant. We asked what was the real name of that tenant, and she again refused to answer our question. We ran the background check on that name and turned out the same social security number as that of woman tenant - and a thick load of 42 pages of report including bankruptcy and lawsuits, judgement, collections. When we requested her real identity, she cited MN statue stating her identity was protected. When we looked into the law, anyone protected under the program is required to provide program information but she did not. It turned out anyone could use this govenment identity protection service as long as she or he alleges fearing someone or something. This tenant abused this govenment service to hide a long history of bad records and was able to move into our rental unit. The county assistance was probably related to this program.

Since they complained about repair, under MN law landlords are automatically considered retaliation if we terminate their lease unless prove otherwise. The burden of proof is on the landlord that eviction is for false rental application and not retaliation to tenants complaints. We hesitated. Before we knew it tenants had filed rent escrow and rent abatement due to untimely repair of complained items within 12 days! Since we asked the City inspector to inspect the items and the City gave us 45 days to complete the minor repairs. Due to tenants intentional delay and denial of our access of the property, the City was willing to postpone the deadline. We went to the court, but the tenants did not show. The judge ruled case dismissed. However, later we received a call from the court about rescheduling the hearing. The tenants changed the court date at the last minute and the court did not enter into computer in time to inform us. We incurred attorney fee for appearing in court that day! These tenants were experienced enough to know how to inflict pain on the landlord.

In the court we produced all the text messages about we requested appointment to access the property and denied and denied. Tenants stated we were required to send them mail to a PO Box to each of the roommates on any repair appointment under the identity protection program. The mail takes 7 days to reach the PO Box and another 7 days for the State protection program to forward to their address. The program was to protect the them from other people knowing their physical address. In our case they are renting from us and by default we know where they live. Why did we have to go through this snail mail game? Because tenants would be able to delay our repair process and they thought they had a case to reduce the rent. The judge threw their case out of the court and specifically allowed us to use text messages for making appointments with tenants.

Finally everything was fixed. We thought tenants may quiet down for a while. But no, around 90 days since they last complained about repairs, they now complained to the City again about minor issues of the house. It is not a new house, you can always pick on things. The tenants fearing for us filing eviction on their cheating her way into our unit, she complains every 90 days (automatic retaliation period)which put the landlord on defensive to prove we are not retaliating against her. When we texted them about rent shortage, she called police alleging us harassing them. Only two short messages summarizing rent shortage and a picture of rent checks received.

Today when we met with a contractor outside the house discussing potential repairs, she called police again citing landlord tenant dispute. We did not even go in the house and I texted them in advance about contractor meeting outside the house. The police later told me that they did not get my text because they blocked my phone number. I asked police why they called police since we were outside and we were not doing anything illegal. The police said he did not know what happened and they called the police department. I asked the police officer that these tenants were filing false police reports to abuse police resource to harass the landlord while we were conducting normal business. The police officer refused to cite false police report on the tenant part and told us not to text tenants! -- but texting was approved by the judge! Can Police do that?

We are still under 90 day curse period for retaliation if we file eviction for any reason.  The past 6 months have been hell for us as landlord. What can we do with these con artist tenants? They have been abusing all government resources to their advantage including the identity protection to hide her bad records, blocking rental background checks, abusing the City inspection Dept by calling them all the time (The city told me that they would not take up their complaints unless it is a life threatening issue), abusing the police resources to harrass us.  

We are seeking advice on how to deal with or get rid of these tenants from hell. Thank you in advance!


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file eviction, bring in everything you have, starting with the false info.
may that awhile, bet you win

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It's just not worth it to be a landlord in Minnesota.  The court system will not protect you or let you enforce your lease.  This state is so pro-tenant it's scary.  A lying tenant who knows how to game the system will ALWAYS be protected by the courts and there is nothing you can do about it.

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     I used a rental management company in Southampton, PA to rent out my beautiful twin in Philadelphia and it was the worst experience that I've ever had.  The management company rented to a woman who they claimed passed all of their security checks. When the tenant kept coming up with excuses every time rent was due, I decided to run my own checks!  As it turned out, this woman was able to rent my home in her teenage daughters name after creating a false ID and check stubs! She provided the management company with a SSN that belonged to her daughter and a driver's license number that belonged to a man in another state! When I found out who she REALLY was, I demanded that the company produce her driver's license that they insisted she had, but they could not produce it. By the time the eviction process started, the tenant had already missed 3 months of rent payments and her security deposit didn't clear the bank! Through more research, I discovered that she had done this several times before! She was a "serial squatter" who would go through the eviction process, never appear in court, submit false medical excuses to the court to get a new court date and delay the process so that she could continue to stay in the residence. I filed a police report, but they could not do anything because it was tied up in landlord/tenant court. She ended up staying in my house for 9 months! She owes me $13, 322.00 and that doesn't include the damage to my property, or all the time off from work. I found out that she was working under her REAL name at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia!  I contacted Channel 6ABC investigative team, and once they started chasing her with cameras and microphones, she got out of my house!  I also went back to the police to make sure that an arrest warrant was issued and it was! I am not done with her yet though, I am also not done with the management company! I am currently looking for a litigation attorney in Philadelphia to take my case against them. By the time this is over with, her face and ALL of her alias will be featured on national news and the management company will have paid me back my damages.

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I cannot figure out how to create a new topic as this is more of a question about Property Manager and Landlord- 

A tenant sued my Property Manager for not getting deposit back.  They had a scheduled court date and the tenant did not show up.  The tenant actually destroyed the place and the company did everything right in terms of having everything on their side in order.  They actually counter sued because the Tenant actually owed me money in the end which is probably why the Tenant did not show up.  The case was dismissed.  The Property Management is billing me for their time in court.  Is this something that normally happens? 
Any feedback appreciated. 
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