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I own a duplex with top and bottom units.  Tenants hate each other.  There is alot of mysterious things that happen within the common areas that can only be chalked up at pointing the finger at the other tenant as to who did it.  Examples of this include washer, dryers stopped mid cycle, snow being stuffed in mailboxes, trash cans knocked over, breakers being switched off, and the list goes on.  In addition each tenant contacts me every time there is a noise heard from the other.  I don't want to lose the rent from either as I think it may be difficult to fill units... but something has to give.  I have told them both that I am not a mediator and that if they needed to call the police they should.  Thanks for help.

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cameras work great
even a fake 1 my stop some of this

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My first thought was cameras too. Put one on the common area (i.e. not in their private living room). Tell them they both have the right to peace and quiet, they are both adults and need to stop acting like bickering 12-year-olds. Specify quiet times (from 9 pm to 6 am for example) and that outside of those times each is allowed to live their life, during those times neither should hear noise from the other, barely enough noise to tell the other person exists isn't noise, and that you don't want any more noise complaints. If it isn't worth complaining to the police about it, you don't want to hear it. If it is worth complaining to the police about, do so and let you know after the police have left. Tell each of them to be the bigger person and that this should all wash over. 
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