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I recently rented a home with a large yard, detached garage with an alley access driveway.  I wrote into the lease agreement that I would keep my boat in the driveway as well as have use of the garage and driveway.  I did not stipulate number of times I would access the boat or times.  In the portion of the lease agreement RE: accessing property with 24 hr notice there was an exclusion in regards to accessing the boat and garage.  Now the tenants want me to change the lease agreement.  I don't want to limit my access so I don't want that.How do I deal with the situation.

Thanks in advance

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I too rent my house and kept 25 ft on the west side of the property as my private entrance to an apartment/garage.   The month to month agreement stated we had access at all times with no notice but after 3 years of dealing with a tenant who constantly complained we went with a property management and agreed to give them prior notice to our arrival.  We have a new tenant now, the previous one skipped out owing money, and I hope to have a better relationship with the new party.   It seems people are eager to sign the agreement with the stipulation but do not wish to abide by it. 


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If your lease agreement stipulates in writing that the garage and driveway are yours to acess at will, with no notice given to the tenants, I would just copy this part of the lease, highlight it and send it to him.  If he asked to change the lease, tell him no.  He has not right to ask to change a legal contract that he signed.  Tell him that.  If he continues to be a PITA, you can always offer to release him from the lease and rent to a new tenant that has no problem with it.

I have a shed on one property that I use to store materials for several nearby properties.  I rerserved the right to enter the shed without notice.  The tenats have been there over a year now and have no problem with it at all.  It's just certain tenants that seem to think they own the place that have a problem with this.  The others couldn't care less.
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