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I have a household who the husband has a permanent and civil restraining order him ordered by his wife for supposed sexual abuse against a child. 

We have a house rule that states that a tenant can be absent for 30 days and if they are absent for more than 30 days the tenancy can be terminated. 

So, the question is, can his tenancy be terminated for being absent for more than 30 days for a situation that is ultimately out of his control (restraining orders)?

My initial thought is that if we do terminate his tenancy, and he is not found guilty, and the restraining orders dropped, then we may have violated his rights as a tenant.  Thus sucking my organization into the inter family drama of this particular household.  It is also my understanding that the grounds of the criminal charges are rather thin and could be dismissed. 

I am currently being pressured by the wife to remove him from the lease.  I am thinking about calling him (as far as I know are on good terms) and telling him that if he willingly removes himself from the lease then his future prospects of living at the complex will be open because he would not be evicted.  Same ends, different means, and I think he would understand that. 



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good idea

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I agree with your idea, Wolvy. Always better too get someone to do something on their own instead of forcing them to do something.

Just curious, can the wife afford the rental on her own? Once the husband is off the lease, he may quit paying rent.
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