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I am the landlord for a single condo unit in a complex that is to be tented and fumigated for termites.  The tenants will have to be out of their unit for two nights.

Since this is probably considered a "repair," under California law I'm obligated to pay for the nights they must be out of their unit.  Is that obligation limited to the prorated amount of their rent, or am I required to pay for a hotel even if it exceeds that amount?

In handling the reimbursement, it seems that a reduction in rent would be the easiest way to handle this, but are there any other tips or got-chas I should know about?



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What does CA law actually say? Have you found the actual law yet, or just articles talking about it?

I would think that you need to cover the full expense, beyond pro-rated rent. It isn't their fault this happened. They pay rent to have housing all month, you signed a lease promising to provide that. Of all states, I doubt CA would allow you to just discount rent. One or two nights is bad enough, but imagine the unanticipated costs of a two-week or longer stay for a family for a larger repair. 

I think the best break you will get is finding the cheapest place and reimbursing for that amount, and if they choose to pay the difference for a nicer place, then that would be on them. You would still need to pay for the amount of the cheaper place.
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