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I have a tenant who after 3 months stopped paying rent. They are now 6 days past due. The tenant has ignored my emails. When I finally got a hold of her she assured me she would pay the full amount due the same day. It never happened.

She also brought a large aggressive dog breed on the property. She claims to have gotten rid of it. The lease states 'absolutely no pets'.

Looking at our lease it states: 

If Tenant fails to timely pay all amounts due under this lease or otherwise fails to comply with this lease, Tenant

will be in default and:
(1) Landlord may terminate Tenant's right to occupy the Property by providing Tenant with at least one day
written notice to vacate;

Do I have to give her a 30 or 45 day notice to get out (I have seen this in some threads here). Or can I give the one day written notice for failure to pay rent and having a large dog on the property (she admitted in an email). The dog issue was 2 months ago.

Thank You,


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Texas requires 3 Day Pay or Quit Notice before you can start eviction.  Your "one day" lease provision won't hold up in court.

I found the info at Landlordology.  Follow the links to the source statutes.

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