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I think we are being scammed by our tenants.  They moved in 4 months ago and it is a 6 month lease.  First it was black widows.  There whole family was bitten by black widows.  Mom & 2 kids all bitten.  Now its mold. They stated they had concerns about mold.  We went to the house to inspect, the areas they pointed were not moist nor were there in area where the pipes are   However, the tenant stated she is starting to lose hair, both her kids are sick, there is a funny odor and they happened to buy a mold kit from Home Depot.  They showed us it which appears to have mold (could have come from anywhere)  We told them we are not extending the lease and told them all they had to do was give us 7 day notice they could get out of the lease without penalties.   We don’t want trouble and we sense they are trying to scams us.  My husband lived in that house for 6 years prior to them moving in.  No mold.  No funny smells, no hair loss etc.  They are sending in their home mold kit in fear the toxic mold may contaminate another house.   What do we do?



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That sounds awful to your side. With that actions they are showing I can say those people really are scamming you already. You probably need a serious talk with them regarding the problem and how you can possibly take an action for that,  but if that won't do with a talk or simple solution conversation and they will keep doing the thing then I bet you better raise the problem to a court.

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