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Appraisals are for the bank not for your purpose. Banks lend a % of the appraised value and banks need a value to make the deal.

Appraisals are complex and subjective; it's an educated guess nothing more. Five appraisers will give you five different numbers.

It depends whether its 100% commercial, mixed use, industrial etc. Appraisal prices are not based on size of property they are based on the amount of work estimated to complete the job and the credentials the client needs from the appraiser. Residential appraisals are about $300-$400 for a typical home. Commerical can be $1000 to $50,000 depending what the goals are and what it is.

Remember properties RARELY sell for the appraised value. The property is a appraised at the value a property sells for in the case of 1-4 units an appraiser gets the assignment and already knows what the selling price is. He just supports it.

Broker / Commercial Appraiser 30 years. And landlord.


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If you want to sell your commercial property at the best or beneficial price then you have to consult withproperty management company which will help you alot. These real estate firms will provides best deal on your property selling or buying at best market price.
Dwell Real Estate Group
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