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Hello everyone... as the title reads, I want to give my good tenants, who have been with me for almost 10 years advance informal notice by email that come June 2015 will be their last month at the property. My son is getting married and I plan on having them move in there starting July 2015. I figured that giving them a heads up this far in advance would give them ample time to find a new place. By law I know I have to give them 2 months notice and I will again come May 2015 with a formal written noticed, but 2 months notice just does not seem like enough time for anyone to find a new place. Any thoughts why it might be a bad/good idea to let the tenants know as soon as possible? Thank  you.


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My thought is that they will start looking now & move out well in advance of June of 2015.  Do you want it empty all winter?  Want to pay to heat it/mow it/maintain it & try to keep people from breaking into a place that will appear obvious that it is vacant after a few weeks?  If you don't want it empty in the next month or two, and for the next 10 months or so, hold off on telling them at least until spring.
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