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I rented a room to a "friend" over the summer.  Her dog did over $1000 damage to my home.  Because of our relationship and her financial status, I did not collect a deposit.  I did have her sign a lease stating that she was responsible for any damages her dog did to my home.  She moved out on July 7th.  I handed her a request for payment with itemized list on July 18th (although the document was not dated).  She still has yet to pay me.  I now feel it is time to take her to small claims court for the damages.  However, I have been told that I HAD 30 days to provide her with a bill and since the first one I gave her was not signed for or dated, I am too late to take her to court.  Any truth to this? 

Does it matter that the lease was to expire on August 31st and she decided she would move out on July 7th which I verbally agreed to but she never provided anything in writing?

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Did you type that list on your computer?  If so, the date you saved the file is saved in your computer and can be printed.  Continue to small claims and use a copy of the list you gave her (but handwrite a note on the back of it that it was given to her on xx/xx date)  Although you forgot to date it, you did give her the itemized bill with the timeline (technically, that only applies to the deposit and not to a bill for damages).  Sue away and good luck.  Make sure you have evidence for court - photos, receipts for repairs, witnesses, etc.  And take a copy of the lease she signed where she agreed to be responsible for the pet damage.


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Wow, you're my hero.  Thank you so much for your help.

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