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Been renting for a number of years now in NJ without this coming up.

Suddenly I get a letter from the City Housing Comission:

"It has come to my attention you ar renting your property"

They attached forms and fees:
$100 Landlord registration to be submitted annually
$75 Certificate of Continued Occupancy (to identify who my tenants are and how long they are renting)
and additional fees from the fire code inspector depending on how quickly I need the certification.  

The fee schedule is as follows:

CCO – One or two family dwelling units (1-5 business days): $100.00 per unit
CCO – One or two family dwelling units (6-10 business days): $75.00 per unit
CCO – Three or more dwelling units (1-5 business days): $50.00 per unit
CCO – Three or more dwelling units (6-10 business days): $40.00 per unit
Temporary CCO – One or two family dwelling units: $100.00 per unit
Temporary CCO – Three or more dwelling units: $75.00 per unit
Second inspection fee: $75.00
Third inspection fee: $150.00

Never had this come up before!

Wonder if it was triggered by my inquiry last year when a family was asking how many people are allowed to live in my 3 bR unit?  I called the city to get some support if I told them NO and rejected their application.  turns out the city code allows up to 9 people based on the square footage of the rooms.  I think they wanted to cram 20 people in there.

Either that, or it's a hostile neighbor who doesn't like my current tenants.

Really?  How does the town know who is renting out property as long as you pay all your taxes?

Wonder if I can get support from the HOA as they already had the State inspector thru the property and found everything compliant.  fire alarms tested as good - 9 volt battery, interconnected.  

The city wants 10 year sealed batteries on all the smoke detectors, but no interconnections.

I'd have to get the more expensive ones with 10 year battery AND interconnection that cost 300 percent more!



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What's your question?

You choose to rent in an area with extra regulations. You haven't been meeting those regulations (annual registration fees, smoke detectors, etc.). Regardless of who brought it up, you have to obey local laws. 

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Sorry for the lack of focus.

Lot of stuff spinning around this.

The HOA works with the state and I have met all inspection requirements to date, include changing out all the smoke detectors when they required new interconnected ones to meet the state requirements a few years ago. 

My concern is that I have to change them out BEFORE the end of their useful life to meet a town requirement.  Their stupid website is also incomplete with the requirement as the scanned document ended mid-sentence!

I had purchased this property decades before they made these extra requirements.  The problem of being a non-resident landlord is, I don't think I get to vote on these issues?  Or do I get a vote for being a taxpayer?  That is where I am wondering out loud whether the HOA has any clout at the town hall meetings to modify these requirements?

And how does the town know who is a landlord renting property?

Rooting around, it appears the town recently broke ground for a new $32 Mil community center shortly after published reminders in the community newsletter that Rental landlords need to pay these fees.  So it looks like they suddenly need to raise money without raising "taxes" as they patted themselves on the back for not raising taxes to finance the community center.

It would have been helpful if the town had sent a heads up notice that this was coming.  I don't get the newsletter, and they don't mail it out. 

Just giving me two weeks to respond is kinda short fused.  And their letter doesn't cover everything aside from the $100 landlord fee and the $75 Renter registration fee.

So for the benefit of others who might suddenly be getting a notice like this.  Your looking at:

$175 for the above mentioned fees
About $200 in 10 year sealed battery smoke detectors (I needed 6).  I opted for the more expensive interconnected ones with 10 yr battery because I know the state inspection will require it when they come back in 5 years.
$100 for three CO detectors.  The state only needed one in the living room.  Town now requires one on each floor to include the basement, so I need 3.
The state never required a fire extinguisher, but I've provided a new fire extinguisher to each new tenant.  But the town now requires a 2A-10b:c extinguisher which must also be mounted.  $70 for a compliant extinguisher with bracket.

I like to have everything in place, so I don't have to spend another day for a re-inspection.  Especially since the town charges another $75 and $150 for additional inspection visits.

So I'm looking at $600 to $750 in fees equipment and inspections, that were never mentioned when I have had code enforcement and property assessors come by in the past 30 years.  No big deal.  Just a part of doing business.  I'll roll it up into he next rent increase.

I'm just all spun up from the short fuse and the usual outrage at politicians in NJ further squeezing home owners.

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